Pickles Run Errands

Running errands is a whole new ballgame with a newborn. It’s not just grabbing a jacket and keys like the days pre-Mr. Pickles. Oh, no, not at all! First there is making sure he’s eaten, has on a clean outfit and a nice clean diaper. Next up is stocking the diaper bag with all the essentials for the trip (we might need rolling luggage by the time he’s a toddler) and then, almost without fail, changing his diaper again. Get his car seat ready, locate his hat and blanket, and check that diaper one more time because he’s getting strapped in!

Let's roll!

Unstrap Mr. Pickles, change his diaper one last time (fingers crossed) and get ready to roll. Also, pray to the diaper gods that he stays dry at least until we reach our first destination! Grab a bottle for the trip and pack up the car. Oh, and don’t forget the baby!


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